When I started the company I wanted to create and eco-friendly clothing collection. After the birth of my daughter things began to shift. At the tender age of one she started to have breakouts, which would leave sores all over her body. She would cry because of the itching and it was painful when I held her because it covered almost 70% of her body. I took her to a specialist and the dermatologist told me it was an aggressive form of eczema. I was relieved that it was just eczema but I wanted it gone immediately. She prescribed a steroid cream. Like any mom would do I immediately went to the store and filled the prescription. After getting home and reading the label I could not bring myself to put it on my daughters’ skin. I’m not giving my one year old a steroid cream! I read all of the possible side effects and I cried (as if that was going to help). What do I do? I got online and started reading some science journals and articles and I decided I was going to try a healthier alternative. I was already very familiar with some natural oils and their properties from talks with my aunt (she had the whole family drinking Noni Juice :+), but I did not really understand the history behind essential oils and what made them effective so I set out on a journey to find out more information. I enrolled in an online school and I learned about the history of herbs for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. I was ecstatic to learn that there were several things that might help treat her eczema. I made several concoctions. After a few days I started to see some improvement (image of the pink dress). After about 3-4 weeks she was completely healed with no scaring.  In the meantime, I took her to a second specialist to get a second opinion. She still had breakouts after the initial flare-up and I continued to use my homemade treatment. It is important to note that there is no cure for eczema. It can only be treated at this time. The second specialist informed me that if I used the steroids it would probably clear it up in 1-2 weeks (half the time). Hummmmm…so risk my daughter possibly having the side effects of the medicine or go all natural with limited to no side effects. After the second opinion  we were referred to a Testing And Diagnosis Center and my daughter was administered a Skin Allergy Patch Test. The test came back negative (she was not allergic to anything). I was relieved again that I was not contributing to her situation.


I monitored her over the next few months. I started to realize that a lot of her breakouts happened when I used kid’s bubble bath and some of the regular lotions (some contained coconut oil and other healthy items but they were also laced with artificial elements). I immediately stop using them and now she has very few breakouts. I’ve developed several natural eczema kid formulas for lotion and bubble bath. We hope to bring those to market soon.