The Pewilben Story

Pewilben is an online destination and conceptual collection of clothing and carefully crafted items with ingredients dedicated to helping people live a consciously healthy lifestyle. Our focus is to bring a greater awareness to the beauty and fashion industry by creating a luxury collection who’s philosophies are built on individual empowerment, health, and social and economic awareness.


The Source


We studied and searched for the best ingredients around the world. Our ingredients have a long history of nourishing, healing and providing great benefits to the body. With access to the highest quality raw materials and best knowledge base in the world, we took on the challenge to go against conventional wisdom to bring you an affordable creative luxury brand.


Our Philosophy

We are not your typical brand. We are less than that, yet more than that. Our philosophy, process, and products are inspired by life, animals, nature and our desire to protect and preserve the environment. We don't make thousands of garments and products with the hopes of selling them each season.

The Quality

Our green (passion) label clothing are made to order to reduce waste and shift consumers from a sales-driven mentality. We design each product's prototype with carefully selected materials and ingredients in an attempt to diminish waste and eliminate animal derivatives. We understand that fair trade, authentic, organic, natural, green and eco-friendly products help people live healthier lives. That is why we strive to create products with those attributes.

The Details

All of our traditional ringspun t-shirts are made using the most luxurious cotton we can find. We do not cut corners when it comes to quality.

Transparent Cost

There are no middlemen between you and Pewilben when it comes to our clothing collection. That means no unnecessary price hikes, no retailers demanding a higher price tag, and no distributors needing their cut. We sell our clothing collection items directly to you, which means you get beautiful designed items at extraordinary prices.

We proudly support amazing people, animals and give back to our community by donating time, resources and/or a percentage of our proceeds to several organizations, schools, and companies. We believe and trust in the vision of those who promote self-care, animal welfare, preservation of the environment, education and research. When you purchase from the beauty collection a portion of the proceeds goes towards our goal of planting 500 trees in the United States each year.

The Founder

Pewilben was created by Dr. Roslyn Lewis a total lover of animals, nature, and everything creative. Growing up in Alabama and spending most of her time in the country she fell in love with all types of wildlife. She knew at some point in her life she would work with animals. As a child she played with paper dolls, sketched, caught insects and kept animals. During her first year of college, she was a biology major who planned to go into veterinary medicine, but she yearned for something more on the creative side to fill a void. She was fascinated with science but she also loved drawing, design and fashion styling. She seldom doodled during lectures as she pondered what she wanted her future to look like. Fast forward several years and she has allowed her love for science (health, beauty, animals) and design (graphic and fashion) to merge with a creative twist. Pewilben was founded with the goal of connecting the individual nature lover and the designer through the medium of apparel and accessories. The cloth or item is the canvas. They help to showcase the creative journey of the designer. The simple concepts are a reflection of the designer's ability to see nature in its purest form.



Put simply Pewilben is a lifestyle luxury collection geared towards who want to live a holistic and healthy life consciously. This exclusive brand focuses on quality and creativity while allowing the individual to craft their own style. Bold graphic tees are the focus of this laid back contemporary line. Each piece is meticulously fashioned to bring you one step closer to nature


After starting a family Roslyn became very conscious of what her family put in and on their bodies. In an effort to live a healthier life she decided to get rid of all the products that contained potentially harmful ingredients. She set out on a mission to find products that were 100% vegan and chemical free. There were very few on the local market. She purchased a few items and started mixing formulas at home. With some success, she decided to enroll in classes to learn the history behind herbs and how they can be used to nourish and heal the body. In 2013, the health and beauty label was created. After testing the products and receiving feedback for almost two years she decided to bring her findings to market.

Roslyn wants you to feel good about what you eat, how you live, and how you take care of yourself. The beauty collection is a vivid reminder that nature gives us a lot of what we need to live a healthy lifestyle. She wants you to know that you can use products without the use of toxins, synthetics, harmful chemicals or preservatives and they work just as effectively (if not better). Living a healthy lifestyle begins with loving and nurturing who you are and using items provided by nature to balance your lifestyle. Roslyn believes that in products that we use every day, and items that we consume, there's no place for anything other than what is proven to be safe, effective, and the best that nature can offer. Come on this journey with us!

Cheers to healthy living,

The Pewilben Family + Dr. Roslyn Lewis, (CFO - Chief Faith Officer)