Wholesale Information

We would be delighted to have you as one of our retail partners in the future. Below you will find general information.

Currently, we are working on economical ways to provide quality and value for our products without the unnecessary price hikes. No retail partners are being accepted at this time.

Items purchased at wholesale from Pewilben are to be sold via brick and mortar establishments. This means you must have an established physical store. We do not sell wholesale to individuals, purse parties or personal shoppers.



To apply for wholesale customer status, please email the following information to In the subject line please put "Apply for Wholesale." In the email please include the following information.


1. Contact name
2. Name of your business
3. Business address
4. Website address
5. Phone number
6. A brief description of your business
7. Other brands and products that you stock

      We will keep your information on file for one year. If the status changes within that year you will be notified via email. Once your information is received and approved, we will send you an email outlining our wholesale policies, and a copy of our most current catalog and order form.